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In today’s post after reflecting on my travels so far this summer and now obtaining the TRAVEL BUG I thought I’d share with you 3 cities that are places I have always wanted to go to and are definitely next on my travel list.

Rome, Italy 

I can’t believe I have still never been to Italy! It’s a country I know I will fall in love with and never want to come home from. The Food, The Language, The Fashion… IT’S A BIT OF ME. As well as visiting Rome, I’d love to venture to Venice, Sardinia, Milan and Florence to explore the architecture, the art and the culture.

Rome – https://www.walksofitaly.com/blog/all-around-italy/italian-piazzas

Havana, Cuba 

After seeing my favourite blogger (@iamgalla) Adam Gallagher’s recent post on Cuba it has made me want to go 10x more. The thing about Cuba to me is that it really seems unlike any other Capital city in the world. With it’s Spanish Colonial and neoclassical Architecture parts of the city aren’t all glitz and glam, they are slightly worn down and authentic but that’s what I LOVE. I genuinely love a place that’s not perfect but real and that’s what Cuba shouts out to me, it shouts history.

Havana – http://iamgalla.com/2017/06/the-havana-gangster-cuba-visual-diary/

Dubrovnik, Croatia 

The last city I really want to visit is Dubrovnik in Croatia. When I was on my ‘East Meets West’ European Tour with the company Topdeck – I only joined for the last 15 days but the people who I was travelling with had been to Dubrovnik as part of their longer 49 day trip and they could NOT STOP talking about it. This just confirmed to me that this coastal city was one I MUST visit and explore on a quad bike. Dubrovnik is know for it’s distinctive Old Town and a huge feature of Dubrovnik is it’s walls that run almost 2km around the city and have featured in the television series Game of Thrones.

Dubrovink – https://www.goatsontheroad.com/what-to-see-do-in-dubrovnik/

So there you have it…

I hope this post has made you want to visit some of these gorgeous cities too.

And if you have been to any of them I’d love to hear what it was like for you!

Until my next post.


Adam Gallagher’s Post on Cuba – http://iamgalla.com/2017/06/the-havana-gangster-cuba-visual-diary/


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